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Daniel and Lucy: Married

I can’t say it enough… these two inspired me in so many ways. Their ceremony was such a beautiful, traditional mass with so many awe-inspiring, prayerful moments. It was a true testament to God’s beautiful plan for marriage and it was so uplifting to see and be a part of. Lucy and Danny’s love for one another is so evident and they are not afraid to show it. It was a blessing to be a part of your sacrament and the entire day. Thank you for your witness to Godly love!

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Emily and Matt: Married.

Well this is a record for speedy editing!! Thanks to a mixture of my pure excitement about these photos and a LONG car ride home afterwards! Props to my awesome husband for driving the entire way so I can get work done AND to my two little ladies for sleeping and playing well!:-)Not sure this quick turn-around will ever happen again, but I’m sure glad it did with this wedding! It was just amazing… down to every last detail and I am so excited to share it with you all. Emily has been a dear, dear friend of mine ever since we were randomly paired as roommates freshman year of college. We have shared so many memories and so many laughs and a true, meaningful friendship. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to capture her wedding day. I could not be happier that she married Matt… he is one incredible guy and I am thrilled for them! Much love and many many many blessings and prayers as you begin your married life! Love you guys!

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Madalyn and Frank: Married.

This wedding was simple and simply beautiful. It had such personal, meaningful touches and it was so clear how much this couple loved their faith and each other! After a lovely ceremony, we ventured out in the drizzles to take photos on Madalyn’s Grandma’s property… and it worked out beautifully! I loved that old Cadillac! There was so much joy and laughter and it was a treat to be a part of it all. Many blessings to you as you begin your life together!

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